Synchronicity and Collaboration

//Synchronicity and Collaboration


zooker-awardIn a world that’s full-up with social media, news, memes, blogs and work, it is easy to miss those magical moments when life tries to point you in the right direction: those times of serendipity when everything falls into place and you know you’re on the right track.

It happened to me recently. I was editing a fascinating new book called Becoming A Conscious Leader by Gina Hayden. I had just finished a section on how ‘moving from competition to collaboration’ is going to be the biggest transformation in business, and had just started work on the chapter on synchronicity, where Gina says that, ”The future metric of success will be synchronicity” – when lo and behold, an email came through at that very moment from Arkbound, an independent publisher in Bristol, suggesting that there might be ways that we could work together.

Had I not just read Gina’s words on synchronicity and collaboration I may not have been alive to the possibilities this email held; I might have seen Arkbound as a competitor to be kept at arms length, but I acted on the notion that this is synchronicity in action and opened a dialogue with Arkbound.

It turns out that they have strengths where we have weaknesses and vice versa, and that there are ways that we can enhance each other’s work. When I asked Steve from Arkbound more about their business, he told me that their aim is to support writers from disadvantaged backgrounds, to help bring their books to fruition. I just thought that was wonderful.

A few days later, another client whose book we are publishing, said to me, “You know, I give some money every week to a Big Issue seller in town, and yesterday he told me that he had a great story he wanted to write. Do you know how to help him?” Immediately, I thought of Arkbound and their aspiration to help disadvantaged writers. And there it was. Synchronicity again: everything falling into place without having to do anything except be aware that synchronicity is acting constantly in your life, if only you’re open to seeing it.

I mentioned the Big Issue writer to Steve from Arkbound, who is happy to help, and he also told me about their Literary Award – Zooker – (a play on words from the Man Booker Literary Award that is utterly unattainable to aspiring novelists). Conversely, the Zooker is an award given to ‘encourage disadvantaged writers and reward works of social value’. The interpretation of ‘disadvantaged’ is broad but generally it encompasses a state of extreme hardship that an author may be struggling to overcome, be that financial, personal or health-induced. There is a prize every year of £500 for the best entry, and further support for the author and their work. If you know anyone who would like to enter the Zooker Literary Award, please forward this blog or the link below. This year’s deadline for entries is 10th October. But most of all, allow a little synchronicity into your life – you never know where it will lead you.

For more information on the award please visit the site

Lorna Howarth is Editorial Director of The Write Factor.

For more information on Becoming A Conscious Leader, published on November 30th by Panacea Books – email


Lorna Howarth

Lorna Howarth

Editorial Director at The Write Factor
I'm fascinated by the potential of the imagination to dream a new world into being.
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