How To Be A Writer: Just Do It!

//How To Be A Writer: Just Do It!

Maeve Jones, a recent participant on our Absolute Beginners online writing course discusses how astounding and joyful it is to be a writer.

I think about writing all of the time. In my most secret heart of hearts, I have always wanted to be a writer. As I’ve grown older I have written less and less but I’ve thought about it more and more. I have collected dozens of guidebooks on the subject of creative writing; from exercises to meditation, you name it, I’ve bought it. I’ve also built up a collection of notepads and pens that would rival the most expansive stationary store.

I always thought that if I just got the right piece of equipment, the right bit of motivation; I’d be away – it would flow. It never did and I just thought about it more. Sometimes I dabbled a bit but it was never sustained. The longer I left it, the worse I felt – inadequate, terrified and lost. My head became crammed with ideas, story fragments and this ever-increasing, nagging voice, “You must write, you have to write, you need to write”.

Recently, as a reward to myself for getting a new job, I signed up for The Write Factor’s Absolute Beginners course. Perhaps, perversely, the thing that appealed to me most was the deadlines. I felt that I needed the structure; the set exercises to give me a clue as to what to do, (not that I always followed them), and the deadline to make sure that I got my butt in gear and actually did it.

The personal feedback from my tutor was a welcome bonus. It has encouraged me more than any number of self-help, motivational ‘conquer you fears’ style books. Yes, I still struggle. Sometimes I sit down, look at the exercises and think, “There’s no way that I can do that”, but after a bit of procrastination and resistance, I get stuck in.

I may not be a published author raking in millions from movie rights, but I AM WRITING. This is astounding, terrifying and satisfying: that unspeakably amazing feeling that I last experienced at school – when the words take me away, when I become a mere conduit – I am feeling that again and it is so powerful, so breathtaking, so joyful. When I am writing, I am free from thinking about writing. Thank you The Write Factor.

Maeve Jones – Writer

The Write Factor’s Absolute Beginners Online Writing Course: Click here for more details.

Rob Swan

Rob Swan

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