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I'm fascinated by the potential of the imagination to dream a new world into being.
25 05, 2017

Writing as a Coping Mechanism


Loving Eric: A story about Adoption, Attachment, Autism & ADHD I did not set out to write a book. I started to write as a way of managing my situation at home. My husband and I adopted 3 children who are now 18, 17 and nearly 15 years old. Our youngest child – who I [...]

Writing as a Coping Mechanism2017-05-25T16:36:12+00:00
6 03, 2017

A Vision of Possibility


Becoming a Conscious Leader by Gina Hayden Published by Panacea Books, 2017 This is a big book but don’t be put off. I read it in bits rather than aiming to read it straight through, and it is worth finishing as the last chapter has some particularly useful guidance in it. Gina Hayden puts forward [...]

A Vision of Possibility2017-05-19T13:05:29+00:00
25 11, 2016

Unlocking the Echo Chamber


Save the world and read a book! Weird things have been happening this week. Our oil-fired radiator broke down in the office. Sadly it proved impossible to mend, so we had to find an alternative, and checked online for good deals. Later that day, adverts for oil-fired radiators began to appear on my Facebook and [...]

Unlocking the Echo Chamber2017-05-19T13:05:31+00:00
22 09, 2016

Synchronicity and Collaboration


  In a world that’s full-up with social media, news, memes, blogs and work, it is easy to miss those magical moments when life tries to point you in the right direction: those times of serendipity when everything falls into place and you know you’re on the right track. It happened to me recently. I [...]

Synchronicity and Collaboration2017-09-14T12:31:19+00:00
23 02, 2016

How to Find your Writer’s Voice


There’s a lot written in various books, magazines and websites about the importance of the ‘writer’s voice’ – that element of your writing that makes it uniquely yours – but many writers worry that they can’t find their voice; that they don’t even know what it is, or worse, that they’re merely emulating their literary [...]

How to Find your Writer’s Voice2017-05-19T13:05:39+00:00
9 01, 2016

I’m Lissom and Luscious – Not Large


A feminist rant from our Editorial Director, who takes issue with the ridiculous way we label ourselves. In the spirit of #EmmaWatson’s ‘Feminist Bookclub’ which she’s launching on Twitter, I thought I’d start an irregular ‘Feminist Rant’ on our blog. I’m not a ‘burn your bra/I hate men’ feminist – far from it. Some of [...]

I’m Lissom and Luscious – Not Large2017-05-19T13:05:40+00:00
12 11, 2015

What’s Your Story?


To quote Mark Twain, “write what you know” because sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. We’ve been having fascinating conversations here in The Write Factor office regarding the stories we tell about ourselves and our families. It’s really interesting to take a step back and see how we each ‘curate’ our stories and repeat [...]

What’s Your Story?2017-05-19T13:05:40+00:00
16 10, 2015

What’s It Got To Do With Choo?


These are our two favourites from this week's five-minute flash fiction writing exercise, including the words: aubergine, reflect, batter, filthy, crumple.   Give Her The Boot She is standing there, barring my path. I know what she's after. Every female on the estate has been eyeing the aubergine-coloured boots in the local charity shop. A tenner is [...]

What’s It Got To Do With Choo?2015-10-16T10:51:23+00:00
23 09, 2015

David Mitchell’s Pearls of Wisdom


The Bone Clocks is an exceptional book, in more ways than one. Not only is it an inspirational magnum opus for aspiring writers, it's full of writing tips too. During the day, my colleague Emily Cunningham and I have been working hard on our online writing courses, developing exercises and motivational content for those who [...]

David Mitchell’s Pearls of Wisdom2015-10-01T17:18:15+00:00
4 09, 2015

Disturbed by Dismaland


I went to see Banksy’s Dismaland the other day and came away with mixed feelings. It was an absolutely fantastic, thought-provoking, amusing, disturbing and wry installation – and hugely entertaining too. But every image and exhibit spoke volumes in an instant. So succinct and pointed were the concepts, that the vagaries of climate change, species [...]

Disturbed by Dismaland2017-05-19T13:05:42+00:00

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