The details below set out the terms under which each manuscript or book order is accepted. You will be asked to agree to these Terms & Conditions before any piece of work or book order is accepted by The Write Factor (TWF)

Terms & Conditions for Book Orders:

1. All personal details are kept on a secure database and are not shared or sold to a third party.
2. If you are paying by PayPal your order will be dispatched within three working days of receipt of order.
3. If you are paying by cheque, your order will be dispatched within five working days of receipt of cheque.
4. All books will be dispatched by parcel post with a relevant Certificate of Posting. The Write Factor cannot be responsible for items that are lost in the post.

Terms & Conditions for Manuscripts:

1. All work is treated in the strictest confidence.
2. TWF reserves the right to reject any manuscript if it finds the material offensive or likely to cause legal recriminations.
3. TWF’s advice with respect to Manuscript Assessment/Literary Criticism/Mentoring is given with the intent to improve the work in question. Clients(a) may not agree with or act upon the advice given.
4. Students sending in manuscripts or theses for any of the Services do so in the knowledge that it is their responsibility to check that this does not contravene any of the institutional regulations they must abide by.
5. The copyright of all work remains with the author, unless contractually negotiated otherwise. TWF is not responsible for the content of any work in question, even if that work has been ghostwritten.
6. Your Writing Partner (part of the Ghostwriting Service) will be assigned to you for a set period as defined in the Ghostwriting Service Contract.
7. TWF undertakes to complete all services within the time-frame stipulated in your service plan. However, this is not guaranteed – if an extended time-frame is required to complete the service, your Editor will negotiate this with you personally.
8. If you choose to send your manuscript by post rather than email, it must be accompanied by an SAE sufficient to cover return postage. TWF is not responsible for manuscripts that get lost in the post, therefore, please ensure you keep a copy of your work.
9. Work on manuscripts will not commence until payment is cleared.
10. TWF will only accept manuscripts for Representation to publishing houses if we feel the work has potential and is marketable. TWF reserves the right to refuse to undertake this service.
11. The copyright of any report, feedback or critique from TWF remains with TWF. Permission to reprint or quote from the above should be sought before publication.
12. TWF will allocate the Editor that we feel best suits your work. This is under the sole discretion of TWF and is not negotiable.
13. Prizes given as part of the Shortlist may vary due to availability and are awarded at the discretion of TWF whose decision is final and non-negotiable.



a. ‘Client’ refers to any Third Party that has paid for a service provided by TWF. Said Third Party does not become a client until such time as the first fee has been cleared.

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