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27 06, 2018

Delving – Annie March


Dbure, the Hebrew for bee, is cognate with the root dhr which means word; bees distil nectar into honey, thus words into Word or truth. Deborah – eloquence, dogged work, hallowed honey – is my daemon. She grinds my imagination into a lens for the discerning of truth, challenges me to create then hounds me until I [...]

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14 11, 2017

Loneliness is a Way of Life


Jack Mckeever interviews author William Blyghton about his debut novel, The House by the Marsh William Blyghton’s debut novel, The House by the Marsh, is not only a profound exploration of ageing and the experiences that one gains in the process, it’s ultimately an analysis of acceptance of the human condition. Blyghton is a man [...]

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18 10, 2017

The Anarchic Entanglement of Being Alive


  William Blyghton reflects on the highs and lows of writing a first novel.   It took three years to write The House by the Marsh – or perhaps a lifetime. It was triggered by the death of my wife Liz and by nursing her for the eighteen months of her dying. Cancer... It was [...]

The Anarchic Entanglement of Being Alive2017-10-18T11:24:42+00:00
6 03, 2017

A Vision of Possibility


Becoming a Conscious Leader by Gina Hayden Published by Panacea Books, 2017 This is a big book but don’t be put off. I read it in bits rather than aiming to read it straight through, and it is worth finishing as the last chapter has some particularly useful guidance in it. Gina Hayden puts forward [...]

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22 09, 2016

Synchronicity and Collaboration


  In a world that’s full-up with social media, news, memes, blogs and work, it is easy to miss those magical moments when life tries to point you in the right direction: those times of serendipity when everything falls into place and you know you’re on the right track. It happened to me recently. I [...]

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