Thank you to Lorna and Beth at The Write Factor for transforming a load of words into a really professional looking book. From the start they seemed to get exactly what I was looking for and helped me with the bits of the process I didn’t have a clue about. I couldn’t recommend their services enough: friendly, inspiring, timely and professional. The book enable me to help my clients understand more about their own bodies and in doing so get even better health and fitness results, as well as, hopefully, helping people I have never met before.
Ollie Martin – Author Uncommon Sense – A Practical Guide to Health, Weight Loss & Vitality

I wrote a book called Furniture For The Future and I sent out my first draft to three reviewers – they all gave it back to me and said it was unreadable. I am not joking. I didn’t do anything with the book for a year as I just didn’t want to look at it again, then I came across Lorna from The Write Factor and she promised that she could sort my book out no problem. I was slightly sceptical but somehow trusted her, and to my total joy and amazement she has transformed my book not only into something that reads well but something that I am so proud of owning. I have received totally amazing book reviews from it already! Lorna can do things with words that I could never dream of and if you want your book to be the perfect book, Lorna will help you do that. – Tristan Titeux, founder Custom Carpentry

I am really in love with my beautiful book cover. As well as being gorgeous, your designer has somehow given it a spiritual quality. So, many thanks! If I had scoured the world, I could not have found a cover so lovely. – Susan Swire, author of Secrets of The Feel-Good Home

One of the most exciting things I have ever done is publish a book with The Write Factor. Right from the start I felt totally supported in my endeavours and the encouragement that I received was inspirational! The editorial feedback was insightful, professional and immensely helpful. Lorna has the incisive ability to cut through the waffle and get to the heart of the matter. – Lynn Batten, author of The 07.45 – Tales From The back Of A Bus

“Lorna thank you so much for your amazing advice, insight and encouragement. Anyone who has a niggling feeling that they might write a little more or a little better if only they had someone who could help them along – look no further. Lorna will not just help you along, but positively LIFT you. The single best move I’ve made in trying to reach ‘The End’. Very blessed to have found The Write Factor.” – Colleen Downham

“Lorna is a gem – an editor and collaborator of great judgement, finesse and outstanding honesty. I have worked with Lorna on a number of projects over the years and it has always been rewarding and a delight. I trust her implicitly with my own manuscripts.” – Clive Gilson

“Excellent value: friendly service that kept me informed of progress. Professionally presented assessment which insightfully revealed truths that guided me to an improved manuscript. I have already recommend The Write Factor to other writers”| – Drew Smith

“Very many thanks for the work of The Write Factor in editing my book: Martin Seeks The Meaning of Life. You have done a very professional job and enhanced my writing. On the design side, your designer, Beth Snowden, has shown both the exactness needed in good design and a great deal of flair. I am very pleased with the result.” – Martin Knebel, May 2014

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