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♦ Have you got stuck halfway through your book and need a writing buddy to help you finish it?

♦ Do you have a fantastic idea for a story, but struggle with the writing process?

♦ Are you looking for a writing partner to help develop and deepen your work and uncover its potential?

♦ Have you got a deadline to meet and need someone to help you complete your project?

If your answer to any of the above questions is ‘Yes!’ then our Ghostwriting Service could be perfect for you. Our ghostwriting team has a wealth of experience in bringing books of varied genres from conception to completion.  

Book Planning Stage

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The first step in the ghostwriting process is very important. This is where you will have a series of discussions (either meeting, phone or Skype) with your ghostwriter to discuss the remit of your book, mapping out its basic structure and content, chapter by chapter, as well as reviewing any ideas and material already written or recorded.

This will help both you and your ghostwriter to understand the whole concept of the book: where you currently are and where you want to go. As co-author of your book it is important that you are deeply involved at this early stage – after all, it is your book and we need to know what your vision is –  and of course, you and your ghostwriter need to get to know each other and ensure that you can actually work together right from the start.

For this preliminary part of the service we charge a one-off fee (see FAQs below for further details). At the end of the book planning process, you will have discussed and agreed on:

♦ The roles of the ghoswriter and what is expected of you as co-author 

♦ Author’s personal preferences in terms of style, format and content

♦ Publishing goals and target audience

♦ Deep concepts of the book and any research criteria necessary

♦ A detailed structure of the book to include, narrative arc concept, number of chapters, working titles, characters, etc. 

♦ Chapter by chapter concept and plan

Once we have completed this process and have a rough estimate of the word count, we can then give a more accurate quote for the ghostwriting element of the job, which is the next step.

Next Steps

Now that the book planning process is complete, your ghostwriter has a clear overview of your book and is ready to start writing. We will draw up a ‘schedule of works’ so that all parties can keep track of the process. This will detail:

♦ The start date and completion dates for the first draft of each chapter

♦ What (if any) information is required from you as co-author

♦ Whether any further interviews or Skype sessions are required

♦ Fees payable  

In most cases we work on one chapter at a time and then present you with the draft so you can review it and provide feedback throughout this process. Depending on the length of the manuscript this process will be spread across months rather than weeks to allow time for feedback and review.

Once the ghost has finished the manuscript and you are happy with the results, we will carry out a sub-edit and proofread whereupon you will have your finalised manuscript.

The next stages are dependent on your goals and vision for the publication of your book. The Write Factor can offer all the services to bring your book to fruition, including design and publishing options.

Ghostwriting – all your questions answered

After the initial enquiry stage we will contact you to talk through the process and gather some information about your project and ideas.

This really depends on you. Some co-authors (the originator of the book idea) like to hand over the entire project to the ghostwriter and not get involved at all. Other co-authors like to provide structure and content for each chapter and feedback regularly. The degree of involvement between co-author and ghostwriter is agreed in the book planning stage.


Ghostwriting can be a long and complex job – or a short and enjoyable process. It all depends on the concept of the book. The old adage, ‘How long is a piece of string?’ is relevant here!  This is why we have developed the Book Planning stage where we charge a one-off fee to work with you to develop the outline and concept of your book. This can be a lengthy piece of work, or relatively straightforward, depending on your book. Fees for the Book Planning stage start at £500. We will then give you a definitive quote for ghostwriting the rest of your book, once we have reviewed the concept.

Once we have completed the Book Planning stage, we can quote accurately for the actual ghostwrite. For the most part we quote per chapter and fees start from £400/chapter. Again, the fee is dependent on the criteria of your book, so these figures are only a guide at present to give you an idea for your budget.

You are the sole owner of all the material produced. The Write Factor and the ghostwriter have no claim over the copyright.
Be prepared to be working on your project for months rather than weeks. A 150 to 250 page book can take from 3 to 5 months depending on the criteria.
We use Skype, telephone and email. Skype is great for putting a face to a name which we feel is important within the working relationship. And it’s free! If you would rather not use that method then telephone conversations are fine and email is important so that reviews and feedback of the manuscript can be mailed back and forth.
Yes, the ghostwriter will remain anonymous. You are the author of your own work unless you decide otherwise (ie. to use a pseudonym).
From our skilled ghostwriting team, we will match you with the writer that most suits your criteria. We provide a preliminary ‘get to know you’ chat before you start on the main core of the work. If at this early stage you feel that the relationship may not work we may be able to offer another writer, but please be aware that we only use writers who have experience in your genre, are competent and have excellent communication and listening skills – so the writer we assign you is invariably the best one for the job.
At the first stages of planning, your ghostwriter will be looking to create a clear and logical structure from all the information you provide. This will include any notes, documents or material that you have already gathered, along with possible research avenues you are keen for the ghostwriter to access. If you have a lot of information stored in your head, your ghostwriter will arrange interviews so that they can ask leading questions, take notes and recordings where necessary.

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Ghostwriting is an in-depth, specialist service and our fees reflect the time, experience and commitment that your ghostwriting partner will give to the work in question. 

To help us get a better idea about your project, please fill in the form opposite with a brief synopsis and any relevant information you want us to consider and the type of support you require, and we will get back to you – or if you prefer, please email us on or phone on 01237 441839 for a confidential chat.


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