Literary Criticism & Manuscript Assessment

Equivalent to a doctor’s ‘second opinion’, this service will tell you the honest truth about your piece – so be ready for a critique that might surprise or disconcert you, but at the very least will give you a realistic review of your work that pulls no punches: a reading and advisory service that will give you helpful and constructive feedback about your work. This is particularly useful if you are in the early stages of your book development, or if you want feedback about an article or manuscript.

Does your work lose momentum and pace half way through? Does your storyline make sense and does the reader feel engaged with the piece? If you are uncertain about your character development or whether your main protagonist has an authentic voice, we can give you guidance.

Your essay, article, novel or short-story will be read and critiqued by your assigned Editor who will work closely with you, with the intention of helping you to improve your work. You will receive guidelines and advice that will help you develop your confidence, looking at potential markets and audiences and ensuring that the piece has quality and coherence.

The Assessment will answer questions such as:

Is this piece suitable for publication?
If not, why not?
Does the piece have clarity of focus and argument?
How could it be improved?
Who might be interested to publish it?

The Assessment will also discuss some or all of the following:

Manuscript presentation
Any revisions necessary
Beginnings and Endings
Structure and Narrative
Styles issues
Plot queries
Next Steps

Please note: if you require longer-term support to develop your work please consider our Mentoring service, where your Editor will guide and clarify your writing process.

Literary Criticism & Manuscript Assessment

Article, short-story, opening chapters, novel in progress – Up to 5,000 words

£90 basic fee plus £1.50 per 1,000 words

Literary Criticism & Manuscript Assessment

Over 5,000 words

£175 basic fee plus £2.00 per 1,000 words

Please note: prices quoted are subject to sight of manuscript.

Email to discuss your requirements.

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