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Publishing Packages


The publishing world is evolving as fast as the technology that serves it. Gone are the days when the only option for aspiring writers was for their book to pass muster under the editorial strictures of a publishing house, itself subject to the vagaries of market trends, the bottom line and celebrity culture. Nor does your book need to languish in the commissioning editor’s ‘slush’ pile, shouting “Me, me!” amongst a host of equally good books. Now there are many different routes to market, and here at The Write Factor we offer three options: self-publishing; partners in publishing and traditional publishing. It is worth taking a moment to consider all three options.

TWF Publishing Packages – Your Options

I Don't Care - Irene Brankin, produced by The Write FactorThis is a relatively cheap and easy way to publish your book. You are in control of every aspect of the process because you are the boss and you are footing the bill. You can decide if your book needs editing or proofreading, what it will look like, what you want on the cover and what price it should be. You can open a CreateSpace account with Amazon and upload your book to that platform or you can print digital copies and sell them yourself. We offer every service to help you do this, with fees structured according to the number of words your book contains, and the type of book you envisage. Self-publishing most often suits those who, for example, want to produce a family memoir, a local history book, a business-to-business book (such as a recipe book for a cookery school) or poetry and photographic books. Self-publishing is also perfect for those who want to create a beautiful, bespoke book as a momento or gift, and don’t necessarily need to make money from the process.

You can choose from any or all of the options below depending on your budget and requirements:

• Have your manuscript professionally sub-edited or proofread by TWF.

• Have your completed manuscript professionally designed, including full colour cover.

• We offer Print Management services to oversee the digital or offset-litho production of your book.

• We can also upload your book to Amazon’s CreateSpace platform and make it available as an e-book registered on Kindle.

• For a small additional fee, we can upload your book to TWF Online Shop with a direct link to Amazon.

• In each of the above services (editorial, design or print management) we allocate up to 5 hours of consultation time. If you require further consultation time, we can upgrade your package.

writefactorPrices start from £450.00*    

*Prices will vary depending on the word count and spec of your book. 

If you are interested in our self-publishing package please complete the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Being Bridie, Limelight Books, The Write Factor, DevonThe Write Factor’s Partners in Publishing (PiP) service is an ‘upgrade’ on self-publishing, and is perfect for authors* who want their book published under the auspices of a publishing house; who value the knowledge and industry-specific advice of an editorial and design team; and who want support with the marketing and promotion of their book. PiP is a shared-risk venture where both the author and The Write Factor (TWF) invest in the book and benefit from its success. This is a bespoke package and we are constantly evolving what we offer to keep up with market trends and technology.

PiP gives you the kudos of being published by an experienced publishing company that prioritises editorial and design quality and customer satisfaction. As it’s an upgrade on self-publishing we offer all sorts of ‘extras’ that you don’t get if you decide to go it alone. See below for some of the key benefits.

* TWF reserves the right to reject any manuscript if it finds the material to be offensive, unmarketable or likely to cause legal recriminations.

✓  Your manuscript is professionally sub-edited and proofread by TWF.

✓  We copywrite a back cover blurb which précises your book.

✓  We create an Advanced Information sheet for marketing and promotional purposes.

✓  You get a complete ISBN registration service via Nielsen’s, under our own imprint, plus associated barcode.

✓  We include the imprint logo on the back cover, spine and interior of your book.

✓  The print-ready PDFs will be uploaded to The Write Factor’s CreateSpace account, and we register all the necessary BISAC coding and data to enable the print version of your book to be published worldwide.

✓  We also output the files into ePub format so your book is available as an e-book registered on Kindle.

✓  We send you six gratis copies of the printed book for personal/promotional use.

✓  We fulfill all Legal Deposit obligations with the British Library.

✓  We send six review copies plus Advanced Information sheets to magazines/websites for review.

✓  We provide a promotional campaign across all of TWF’s social media platforms leading up to and after publication, with a monthly social media follow-up about your book for six months, after the date of publication.

✓  We create and provide a ‘Book2Look’ widget (with unique URL) that is like your own mini-website with a host of sharable options about your book including reviews, blogs, launch details, author bio, ‘look-inside’, links to Amazon and other sales platforms, excerpts etc.

✓  We commission an external book publicist to promote your book nationally to all relevant media including TV and radio, to ensure highest possible visibility and sales of your title.

✓  We implement CreateSpace marketing and promotional tools to enhance the sales of your book.

✓  We provide space on our Blog page for you to publicise your book.

✓  We offer a free upload of your book to TWF Online Shop with a direct link to Amazon.

✓  We will provide an Author Marketing Strategy that gives tips, advice, ideas and contacts on to help you devise your own promotion plans.

✓  We will enter your book into relevant industry Prizes, such as the Costa First Novel Award, where appropriate.

✓  We will fully project manage the whole process so you don’t have to worry about a thing.


Prices start from £2,999.00

*Up to and starting from 40,000 words manuscript. Prices dependent on sight of manuscript.

If you are interested in our Partners in Publishing package please complete the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Publishing HousesRather than choosing the self-publishing or partnership publishing options, some of our clients elect to take the traditional (and, it has to be said, more tortuous) route to publication, where their book is ‘pitched’ to potential publishing companies. Most writers aspire to this traditional (or ‘legacy’) publishing process in the hopes that it will make them rich and famous, but unfortunately, this is not often the case. Traditional publishers are unlikely to take a risk on a previously unpublished author, unless they have ‘celebrity’ status or have proved the sales of their book via self-publishing. The Write Factor offers a Representation service where we approach publishing companies on your behalf, with a view to securing a publishing contract for your work.* Through our contacts in the industry and our extensive database of publishing houses and editors, we will highlight the key selling points, genre and readership of your book and endeavour to find the right publisher for you.

*Please note that if after assessing a manuscript for Representation, The Write Factor does not feel the work has sufficient potential to secure interest from a publisher, we reserve the right to cancel the service. The fee will be reimbursed, less the portion allocated for the initial assessment.

We charge a one-off fee for our Representation service and do not take a percentage of any future royalties. If we are able to secure interest in your book, we make all necessary connections between the author and the publisher, who then take over negotiations between them.

Our Representation service includes the following:

  • Assessment of manuscript
  • Evaluation of the potential market, audience and key selling points for the work
  • Research potential publishers
  • Preparation and submission of ‘Pitch’
  • All negotiations and facilitation necessary leading to a meeting with the author and potential publisher.

writefactorRepresentation Fee: £400.00*

*Pitching to four publishing houses

If you are interested in our Representation service please complete the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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