The Write Factor

The Write Factor was founded in May 2010 with the express aim of providing a creative environment to support and nurture the literary imagination. Most people have a story to tell, but until recently, telling that story to a wider public was fraught with difficulties and disappointments. Here at The Write Factor, we want to help our clients to tell their stories and we use the many technological tools now available to facilitate that aim.

Our team of editors, sub-editors, writers and readers have many years experience in the field and are committed to helping clients express their creativity. We offer a personal, one-to-one service that is tailored to our clients’ unique requirements. Our freelance team includes specialists in the fields of short fiction, memoir, nature writing, ghostwriting, contemporary novels, magazine articles, journalism, non-fiction, environmental issues, academic theses and manuscripts. All genres of work will be considered.

Lorna Howarth: Editorial Director

The Write Factor was founded by Lorna Howarth FRSA, in 2010. She is passionate about helping people bring their stories to fruition, and was inspired to set-up The Write Factor after reading John Moat’s words, “Your story is essential to the completion of the all-important Universe story”. Lorna has twenty-five years of experience in the publishing industry having worked with Green Books, Resurgence, The Ecologist, Positive News, Living Lightly, Cervisian Press, Readers’ Digest, Kindred Spirit, Green Futures, Orchard Publishing and others. She has edited the work of writers as diverse as Deepak Chopra, Annie Lennox, James Lovelock and Selima Hill.

She writes a regular feature in Resurgence magazine focusing on environmental and political issues and is also an Advisor to Artists Project Earth, a climate change mitigation charity. Lorna manages the editorial and design department at The Write Factor and is currently working on a semi-autobiographical novel

Rob Swan: Managing Director

Rob’s career to date has given him a wealth of experience that is invaluable to The Write Factor: his years as a teacher taught him the skills of patience, collaboration and mentoring; whilst his management years taught him to be authoritative yet flexible, focused yet creative – enabling The Write Factor to evolve and develop in response to the ever-changing technological innovations in the publishing industry. It was during his years as a General Manager that he trained as an ISO 9001 Auditor, where he found that the ‘art of business’ can be inspirational – so much so, that he has implemented a total quality management system at The Write Factor which improves business processes, reduces errors, and is proven to help win and retain business.

Rob has been a musician and lyricist ever since he could hold a kazoo, writing songs and soundtracks across the years, he still keeps his hand in: teaching, writing, recording and performing music as and when the wind is in the right direction and The Write Factor allows him!

Emily Cunningham: Editorial

Along with Lorna, Emily is a member of the editorial department of The Write Factor. Emily has been working with words for twenty years, combining a career in writing and sub-editing. She has written for a wide range of national newspapers and magazines including The Guardian and The Independent, specialising in in-depth features and interviews. She has also worked as a researcher and editor on several books, including most recently: 5:2 Your Life by Guardian editor, Emma Cook and has run creative writing workshops. As a freelance sub-editor, publications she has contributed to include everything from Take a Break to Homes & Gardens. In recent years, Emily has added copywriting to her CV and found writing a 50-word advertorial about chutney for The Observer Food Monthly both a pleasure and a challenge.

Emily still remembers the first book she could read by herself – Bears in the Night, a real page-turner. Ever since then, reading has become a source of delight, comfort and distraction, to the point where she has to ban herself if she wants to get any work done.


Jack: Health & Wellbeing Specialist

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Jack is the personal trainer at The Write Factor. He initiates two one-hour sessions per day, walking the clifftops and wooded valleys of north Devon. His job is to facilitate a healthy work/life balance for the wellbeing of all at The Write Factor. He believes that it is important to take respite from computer screens and step-out into the beauty of the natural world that surrounds The Write Factor office. Sticks and frisbees are mandatory!