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"I turned to The Write Factor and have not been disappointed.
From the initial manuscript assessment to managing the print,
their expertise in literary consultancy and all aspects
of publishing has been invaluable. It involved an investment
in the cost of their time, but I believe it was money well spent
to ensure what I wanted to achieve: a finished book that stands
comparison with anything a major publisher would produce."

Steve Howell - Over The Line

"Lorna Howarth and The Write Factor team are experienced,
professional and highly effective; I highly recommend them
to other writers in search of high-quality design and editing
services. I have engaged with a variety of publishers, designers
and editors over the years, and have learnt to quickly sense
when there is the right ‘flow’ of creativity and professionalism
– The Write Factor hits the spot. For my latest book, Future Fit,
Lorna and the team turned it all around rapidly with excellent
quality and attention to detail; the safe pair-of-hands and expertise
an author needs, all at a reasonable price!"

Giles Hutchins - Future Fit

"I am extremely grateful to Lorna and The Write Factor team for encouraging
me to write my first children's book 'The Halloween Chill'. Without Lorna's
positive and constructive guidance, I doubt that I would be where I am today
- a very happy published author. Lorna made my dream a reality and I will
never forget the kindness and support she showed me throughout the writing
of this book. I would definitely recommend The Write Factor to anyone who
wants to write their story their way.

Good luck to you all for the future and I'll be in touch as soon as the first
draft of my second book is finished."

Judy Dixon - The Halloween Chill

"Lorna – and The Write Factor – had been recommended
to me, and I must say the service I received was fantastic.
Having come from a background of producing corporate
white papers (with an army of designers and editors to hand),
this was a novel experience for me. The process, however,
was much more efficient, friendly, focussed and professional
than I’d have imagined. Thanks to the team I’m now a
published author of two books already, and I’ll go back to
them for the next one for sure! All the best."

Claudia Unger - Corporate Travel

"It was a real pleasure working with Lorna. She quickly
understood the spirit of what I was trying to write and
her advice was perceptive, significant and sympathetic.
It really felt like a two-way dialogue and the book is
undoubtedly much stronger for her input. Rachel, as
designer, also did a wonderful, professional job, often
under time pressure and I am both pleased and proud
of the outcome. The whole process and team is both
professional and a pleasure to deal with.
Highly recommended – indeed, I already have."

Peter Hyson - Live the Work you Love

"I sent out the first draft of my book to three reviewers – they all gave
it back to me and said it was unreadable. I am not joking. I didn’t do
anything with the book for a year as I just didn’t want to look at it again,
then I came across Lorna from The Write Factor and she promised that she
could sort my book out no problem. I was slightly sceptical but somehow
trusted her, and to my total joy and amazement she has transformed my
book not only into something that reads well but something that I am
so proud of owning. I have received totally amazing book reviews from
it already! Lorna can do things with words that I could never dream of
and if you want your book to be the perfect book, Lorna will help you do that."

Tristan Titeux - Furniture For The Future

"Thank you to Lorna and Beth at The Write Factor for transforming
a load of words into a really professional looking book. From the start
they seemed to get exactly what I was looking for and helped me with
the bits of the process I didn’t have a clue about. I couldn’t recommend
their services enough: friendly, inspiring, timely and professional.
The book enables me to help my clients understand more about their own
bodies and in doing so get even better health and fitness results."

Ollie Martin - Un-Common Sense

"I am most grateful to Lorna and The Write Factor team for
guiding me through the publication of my book of poems and
accompanying photographs taken by my friend Amoghavira.
It was a big learning curve particularly working with images
and wondering whether they would look as good on the page
as on the screen. I need not have worried.
Thanks to Lorna's guidance and patience I made the right
decisions and the end result is a book beautifully laid out and
visually stunning. Many thanks.
My vision of what I wanted it to look like has been been fulfilled."

Simon Millward - An Invitation

"Thank you to Lorna and the team at The Write Factor
for helping me publish my second book. Once again
you have transformed my ideas into a fantastic design
that enables me to convey my message and help the
readers get the most out of their training time through
clear, progressive and good-looking design!"

Ollie Martin - Ski Fitness

"I had my book edited and designed by The Write Factor
and cannot praise them enough. Lorna, who project-managed
the whole process was consistently helpful, supportive and efficient.
She gave me constructive feedback at every stage and worked
with me (very patiently at times!) to create a beautiful book
that I absolutely love."

Laura Baxter - Oceans Apart

"Lorna, Rob and has been such a pleasurable and professional
experience working with you. The Write Factor has brought my work to
fruition in a way I could never have imagined before I came to you.
And yes, I am delighted! Here's to the next one! Thank you for everything."

Pauline Smith - Tales of the Torridge

"I just wanted to send all you guys my sincere thanks. When I first
submitted my manuscript for an edit I never imagined some months
later I would be holding my first novel in my hands. Without your
encouragement and skills as publishers it would never have happened.
I was guided and supported through the whole process in such a way
that it was completely stress free: from edit to cover design and ultimately
publication, the whole process was a blast. I would recommend your
services to any author be it new or established.

Thanks again guys – I look forward to working with you in the future."

M K Bearpark - Nighthawking

"A huge thank you to Lorna and Beth.
My book is 6th on Amazon’s best seller list
for all their stress management books.
You both made the whole process effortless."

Prue Nichols - The Natural Laws Of Work

"This is an opportunity to thank you - Lorna and Rachel - for all
the guidance you have given me and the fun we have had
producing my first book. Not only have you helped me realise
my aim of creating this dedication to my late wife Jan and our
forty years together, but you have opened my eyes and my
imagination to the possibilities of creative publishing: I have
already started thinking about two further books! Thank you so much."

Richard Sharland - Emerging From Anaesthesia

"Very many thanks for the work of The Write Factor
in editing my book. You have done a very professional
job and enhanced my writing. On the design side, your
designer Beth has shown both the exactness needed in
good design and a great deal of flair. I am very pleased
with the result."

Martin Knebel - Martin Seeks The Meaning of Life